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Neuropathy, Nerve Pain

Neuropathy   Neuropathy can be a life changing and overwhelming condition for some of our patients. The causes are varied but the most common include diabetes, back injuries, tarsal tunnel syndrome, chemotherapy, idiopathic causes, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid concerns etc. As … Continue reading

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Medical Expenses Financing

Our main focus at the Salt Lake Podiatry Center is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible.  We offer the most advanced Foot and Ankle surgical and clinical treatments available.  To help with the financial worries that medical … Continue reading

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Neuroma (pinched foot nerve)

Neuromas: Neuromas are generally described as a pinched nerve at the base of the toes. Pain, numbness, burning and tingling are all terms patients use to describe what they are feeling in the ball of the foot, the toes or … Continue reading

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Dr Preece & Dr Groberg to join the IMC Wound Care Clinic faculty!

Dr Preece & Dr Groberg have been invited to join the faculty of the IMC Advanced Wound Care Clinic. They will be staffing the IMC clinic on Tuesday mornings and afternoons respectively. This is a great opportunity for them to … Continue reading

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Diabetic Foot Care and Monitoring

Diabetic Foot Care & Monitoring As a resident training in the Salt Lake City VA Hospital, I was exposed to the full gamut of diabetic foot wounds, infections, amputations and at times as a result, the loss of life.  Diabetes … Continue reading

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Ankle Arthroscopy / Scope, Joint Arthritis

Arthroscopy of the Ankle for Arthritis and Related Issues Ankle sprains, ankle fractures, flat feet and many other foot problems can lead to damage within the ankle joint.  Much of this damage can be fixed with a surgical procedure called … Continue reading

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Verruca Plantaris / Plantar Wart

**Any treatment options discussed below may be “off label” use and should only be attempted under the supervision of an appropriately trained physician.** Warts, specifically Verruca Plantaris have been on my mind of late since 2 nasty little ones decided … Continue reading

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Heel Pain in Adolescence

Heel pain in the arena of Foot and Ankle specialists is like the common cold for a Primary Care physician.  The vast majority of the time it is diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis and is on the bottom of the heel, … Continue reading

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Custom Orthotics / Shoe Inserts

Custom Foot Orthotics /Shoe Inserts The foot is the foundation of the body and if the foundation is not supported correctly the ankles, knees hips and back can be directly affected.  Many diagnoses can be treated with orthoses including Plantar … Continue reading

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Foot Taping For Heel Pain

 Low-Dye Foot Taping Technique: A common practice in Podiatry is to tape the foot and support the arch when someone complains of heel pain (Plantar Fasciiitis).  This approach provides very good albeit temporary relief of pain.  This is a very useful tool … Continue reading

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